Shop & Swap

We know that our boxes are really popular with individuals and families of all sizes but sometimes we might include something that you’re not too keen on.

With our Shop & Swap Service you will be able to remove up to 3 items of produce that you might not want and replace them with anything you like the look of on our website.

Its only takes 3 easy steps....

Click on the link you see in your weekly email or from the help and shortcuts page on your account.
Choose the items that you would like to remove from your box and click confirm, the value of the items removed will be credited to your basket.
You can then take a look through all the lovely produce on our site and choose exactly what you want to swap it with, you just have to make sure you put in at least the number of items that you take out.

The Important Information

  1. You need to add at least the number of items that you remove from your box.
  2. Any produce removed from your box will be credited to your basket and can be used towards new items you add.
  3. The new cost of your box will be displayed in your shopping basket and confirmation email.
  4. You can amend the box contents online anytime up until payment is taken.