High quality fruit, vegetables, salads, meat, fish & other groceries delivered direct to your door.


With over 40 years in the fruit and vegetable industry, The Heritage Fine Food Company are a BRC certified business based in the heart of Wiltshire.  Heritage Fine Foods have a fantastic relationship with local farmers and suppliers, giving us a great supply of seasonal and amazing produce.  The majority of our produce is grown and sourced locally.

We look to support local businesses so if we can source something from the South West or the UK then we do. When we are forced to look further afield we like to make sure we know that what we are buying is great quality and is grown in a socially and environmentally friendly way and do our vey best to forge links with specific growers all over the world!

A large percentage of our fresh vegetables are sourced and supplied from Mr Paget in Bromham, a childhood friend of Ken’s (they went to school together). The soils at Bromham are world renowned for their unique mineral properties and their ability to produce an early crop.

Our meat is sourced directly from the farm where we are based at Lowerfields farm in Coate.

We also work with a local, independent fishmonger - the fresh fish is sourced from ports and day boats across the UK and is delivered daily. They only use reputable suppliers who have been fully audited and fully understand the importance of sustainability and have procedures in place to help to protect our fisheries and fishermen throughout the UK.

There are loads of benefits to shopping with :
Cut out the Middleman.
Wholesale prices.
Good for you!
Better value than a supermarket.
Delivery to your door.
Always seasonal, always fresh.
Help local farmers & growers.
Bigger range, better quality.
Choice of boxes.
Loads of optional extras.
Hassle-free, saves you time.
Cuts food miles.
Good for the environment.

All our boxes are reuseable or recyclable.  Just leave the boxes outside before your next delivery and we will pick them up. 

Our leaflets are printed on 100% recycled paper using soya-based inks which are non toxic to the environment.

Read more about our sustainability steps here

Are you getting your 5 portions a day?

Fruit and vegetables can help keep your body fitter, healthier and happier. To get the best health
benefits, your 5 A DAY portions should include a combination of a variety of fruit and veg.

Reasons to eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day:
1. They're packed with vitamins and minerals.
2. They can help you to maintain a healthy weight.
3. They're an excellent source of fibre and antioxidants.
4. They help reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and some cancers.
5. They're delicious and there's so much variety.

* All set boxes take advantage of local and seasonal produce and contents will vary each week. As longstanding suppliers of fresh produce to the catering trade we know what’s in season and can supply it at fantastic prices.