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Mrs P Thanks for all your help. Just got home to find our veg box, which looks great as usual. Can’t believe how much is in the soup box, or what good condition it’s in, wow!
Respond  26/02/2015
first delivery Wow.... What a fabulous looking box of goodies. My first box and I’m impressed already. I’ve never seen such a huge cucumber for starters! Can’t wait to get cooking and eating. Thank you. Donna Respond  01/05/2014
Shop & Swap! Many thanks Kay.

The freedom to swap upto 8 items is exciting. Thank you for the update.

Kind regards.

Respond  25/04/2014
National Deliveries from 5adaybox!! As some of you will be aware, the busy bee’s in the office at 5adaybox have been working very hard behind the scenes to get everything in place for national deliveries....

We have finally found a fantastic courier company who we can’t wait to work with which means that we will be able to deliver nationwide from next week..!! The two most well known organic veg box schemes, Abel and Cole and Riverford, have been able to deliver to the majority of mainland UK postcodes for several years and we are really excited to be able to do the same. We think that we have something extra special to offer as we consistently produce boxes of fantastic, fresh produce which are as British as the weather will permit, and we consistently produce these for a lesser cost than the major supermarkets (Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Asda.) We publish the results of an average mysupermarket.com shop on our website weekly.

To start with nationwide deliveries will take place on a Friday, this may change as the customer base grows (we hope..!) Delivery will cost £6 to anywhere in the UK and delivery will be free of charge for any spends over £50. Customers living in our immediate delivery area will not be affected by a delivery charge as the cost to us of delivering your box has not changed your boxes will remain free of delivery charges. We will be offering our fabulous half price veg box offer to all new national customers on their first order. National customers should be aware that they can also order Bob’s fabulous meat from us. As none of Bob’s meat has ever been frozen before you can easily make your spend up to £50 to qualify for free delivery then freeze some of your meat on its arrival. All meat is packaged in a way that will keep it fresh for 24 hours from despatch which means that you will never have to compromise on quality for convenience.

For the rest of September and the month of October we will be running an extra special recommend a friend campaign: If you recommend us to a national friend then they will receive their half price veg box as normal and YOU WILL ALSO GET YOUR NEXT VEG BOX HALF PRICE!! Don’t forget to enter your national friends details here so you’re half price box can be applied to your account: http:www.5adaybox.co.ukemail_friend.aspx

Respond  13/09/2012
  I used to have one of your deliveries when you delivered to Brighton and I have missed it sooooo much!!! I tried Riverford after you stopped deliverin in my area but I just wasn’t getting the volume that I was used to with you. I am so excited to be back with you!!! Order placed for next Friday :))))) Respond  14/09/2012
Mrs Hannah Abba-lacey Hello Ken This is really interesting as my family, who live in Yorkshire, are always asking where I get my fruit and veg from so I can now tell them they can have it too. So, if they order a box do I still a free gift for recommending them? Thanks, Hannah Respond  16/09/2012
Mrs Margaret Shipley ** I made the roasted butternut squash and tomato soup this morning and have just had a hearty bowlful for my lunch. It is delicious. I amended the recipe slightly by adding a red pepper and some rosemary to the roast squash for the last 15 mins in the oven and I added 4 cloves of garlic (sliced) to the onion and leeks.I will definately pass the recipe on. Thanks Margaret Shipley Respond  10/10/2012
Mrs Joan Salmon I’m so glad you’re back. When you stopped delivering in my area I tried another company but it was never as good. Can’t wait for my next order. Respond  16/10/2012
Mrs Hannah Abba-lacey Hi 5ADAY, What are the plans for Christmas this year? Respond  21/10/2012
mrs siobhan smart i have always been happy with the service you provide and am very happy that you are expanding. Respond  24/10/2012
Ms Helen Foster Wonderful box again today, many thanks. J Respond  02/11/2012
Mr Peter O’Shea Just received our first delivery last Friday, (Veg Box, Fruit Box and Salad Box) and all I can say is Wow!!! what an excellent selection of fresh produce in all the boxes. Our supermarket shopping days are over, keep up the good work. Thanks P. Respond  19/11/2012
keeping it up! I am doing my best to keep the good work up, We went out with our biggest growers the Paget’s last night and the inevitable fresh produce conversation ensued. They sais that the situation is improving although they are not sure if it will fully recover. In the meantime I am hunting high and low for the best value produce. At this time last year all of our salads and vegetables were from the UK this year achieving that is much more difficult. Ken Mortimer Respond  29/07/2012
Support the local farmers and grower! This is so sad, a hard working farming family have had to give up their Box Scheme in Devon. We totally understand their sentiments as it is such a difficult time out there at the moment. Ken is working extremely hard to put as much local produce as he can in the boxes to support the local faremrs and growers as much as we can. The supermarkets are so powerful but we are holding our own, keep it up Ken.

Respond  24/07/2012
  We live in Devon and we have seen in our local from chattin to the farmers how bad everythings got. Wish we had known about this vegbox scheme before so we could have supported them. Just saw your post about national deliveries though and would be interested in trying. When will it start? Respond  13/09/2012
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